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Jennifer Poulson


It’s about connection

Connection with my clients, so I know who they are, what they need, want and even dream about in their home.

Connection with the market, so I am continually in tune with trends, and can recognize opportunities for great deals for Buyers and know how to position my Sellers to stand out among tbe crowd to attract quality offers from qualified buyers that result in the highest return for their investment.

Connection to my profession. I value the other real estate professionals in my area and prioritize integrity as we work together. There is great power when both Buyer and Seller have an experienced professional who knows how to look out for their best interest while treating the other side with honesty and respect.

Connection to resources. Cookie cutters are awesome tools - for cookies. But I have found that one solution does not fit all in real estate. When clients tell me they wish they could move and have been told no, I know who to call with the tools to say yes.

Connection with my community. Although Southern Utah is growing, we are still very much a small community. Need a handyman? Need an honest auto mechanic? Want to know the best spots for a romantic dinner? Or the florist who will compliment the sorrow of a funeral with the essence of your loved one? I’ve got you!

Connection to results. I have found that the best way for me to enjoy a successful career is to ensure I always keep the needs of my clients as my focus. When they come first, everything else falls into place.


  • BPOR - Broker Price Opinion Resource,
  • CRB - Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager

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"Jennifer is a great realtor . Patient , knowledgeable,, someone you can trust . It’s refreshing to know there are realtors out there like her . Highly recommend."
"Jen is a great asset to any real estate team, Whether you’re looking to buy or sell! She is caring, communicative, and knowledgeable! Anytime I get to work with her it’s a joy!"
"Jennifer is very knowledgeable and really understands the market. She took time to understand our needs and worked hard to find properties that filled those requirements. She helped us feel good abouRead MoreRead Less
"Jen is the best! She’s always super knowledgeable on the market, and cares about her clients, not just closing the deal. Her clients are clients for life."
"One of the best in the business. I highly recommend Jen. She knows her stuff!"
"Jennifer was professional and very helpful during our showing, closing and moving-in process. She went above and beyond to give assistance with the professional cleaning of our home as well as the cleRead MoreRead Less
"She is THE best realtor I've ever dealt with!"
"Jennifer is very knowledgeable and knows the market. She is easy to work with. She put us in contact with a great builder. We recommended her to some friends and family."
"Jennifer Poulson was exceptional. She found many houses for us to look at and was patient with out decision making. She went above and beyond to help us find the perfect fit for our family."
"She's great ! Gets back to you promptly, makes you think critically about your actual wants and needs. Overall 100%, hands down, best customer experience I've ever had from any professional, ever."